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Sustainable solutions

Insect netting plays an essential role in crop protection. It has proven to be an effective measure to keep harmful insects outside or to retain useful insects inside the greenhouse. By installing netting in roof vents, the chance of an insect infestation is reduced. Pesticides are not necessary anymore, resulting in a cleaner crop. Holland Gaas has more than 25 years of experience in the production and installation of netting systems for all types of greenhouses.


Netting solutions in greenhouses have proven their worth over the years. An increasing number of growers recognize the benefits of this technique and are using it to protect their crops. Choosing the right netting is not easy. What should you look for? Read more >>

Don’t give insects a chance!

Many factors determine the quality of your crop. The right balance between temperature, air humidity and light is important in this. But no matter how well the conditions are regulated within a greenhouse, external factors also play a role. Insects can enter through the ventilation windows and spread viruses. To deal with them afterwards is difficult and the crop damage might have occurred already. Pesticides are an option, but Holland Gaas goes one step further by stopping the insects from entering in the first place. It is an easy way to get the best out of your crop in a responsible and safe manner.

Simple installation

Exchanging knowledge with greenhouse suppliers, growers and research centres has led to a smart system that can be easily installed. If it concerns replacement, the new netting will be clicked into the existing profiles.

Sustainable functioning

Our system is characterised by high-quality material with a high UV resistance (1,150 KLangly) and has already proven to be long-lasting, anywhere in the world. The investment can be spread over an average of 15 years.

Maximum ventilation

Our system will affect air ventilation as little as possible. The airflow in the greenhouse becomes more constant because the netting breaks up the wind, and the plants will move less. The netting keeps rain out so you can ventilate for longer.

Perfect sealing

We only use high-quality EPDM rubber to click in the netting system. The clicking system ensures an easy installation and a perfect (watertight) sealing between the roof vents and the greenhouse roof.

The Accordion Systeem

Light is essential. Our accordion system is a compact, foldable package, which ensures the light intensity remains at a maximum in the greenhouse. Because the slats run back to two pieces in the ridge, only a small package is created with a perfect seal. Maintenance takes little time: annual cleaning with only water is sufficient. Besides the constant mesh opening, the quality of the accordion system is guaranteed because of the use of only high-quality materials. Insects do not stand a chance!

Our corporate movie

We are proud to present our corporate movie! In less than two minutes, we take you on tour behind the scenes of Holland Gaas. Find out who we are and what we can do for you.